Relationships between sulfur dioxide and food have a long history.It was used by the Romans in the wine production process.
In Albania was produced by the year 1970. In 1978, the Albanian communist government with the help of the Chinese government built the first heavy industry in Albania, it also created FASA shpk in that year. The company continue its operation until the revolution against the Albanian communist regime. With the change of the system
many state enterprises were privatized to make them more efficient and also FASA shpk was among them. In 1992 the renewal of the management  builded a strong company that entered quickly in neighboring markets such as Greece, Bulgaria, Ex-Yugoslavia and Italy through a third party. in 2004 the company has made many investments with the objective of increasing production capacity and further enhance product quality.


Our staff is highly qualified and the engineers have a long experience, more than 30 years, working in this field.

FASA is always waiting for new clients because we are offering quality-low price-fairness in completing our client’s needs.

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